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Kindergarten Program

Best Children’s Education

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Our Offerings

Our multi-level kindergarten programs cater to the age group of 2-5 years
with a curriculum focusing children.

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Grolier Education

Aligned with the learning objectives of the kindergarten curriculum.

robotics education

Robotics Education

Fun and engaging way to introduce children to the exciting world of robotics.

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Montessori Education

Emphasizes the unique needs and abilities of each child.

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Best for Your Kids

JUJU International Preschool, which is the best Preschool in Madurai. Best opportunity to get knowledge and practice in fun activities. It helps your child to enhance their solving ability, learning skills, creative thinking and so on...

  • Every Kid is the unique one so we care.
  • Our Staff shows your Kid's Talent.

Our Grades

Our JUJU have different level of grades,.


Play gives kid a chance to practice what they are learning.

3-4 Yrs
5 Days
9.30AM - 12.30PM

Junior KG

Kid learn as they play. More importantly, in play, Kid learn how to learn.

4-5 Yrs
5 Days
9.30AM - 2.30PM

Senior KG

More things to be read, learn and practice makes your kid as a Wise.

5-6 Yrs
5 Days
9.30AM - 2.30PM


More things to be read, learn and practice makes your kid as a Wise.

1.5 - 2.5 Yrs
5 Days
2.5 Hours/Day

After School

More things to be read, learn and practice makes your kid as a Wise.

upto 7 Yrs
On Summer
Morning &

Know More
About JUJU

The proper age for preschool will vary from kid to kid and depends on multiple feature, including age. However, most preschoolers are starts from 2.5 years age.

We stimulate your child to learn both socially and academically that will help your child succeed in elementary school. We make our child to learn the things by Playway Method like Grolier, Logico, FunThinkers, Talking English, Morphun, Fun with Math, STEAM Park and so on .. Our Teachers teaches a good activities and makes learning fun with numerous activities such as art & carft, drawings, etc,..

JUJU Kids offers our brand name to your new pre-school. We organize the kids to participate to interschool competition for exploring our JUJU kid's Talent. And We provide Learning Kit like Books, Pencil Box, Crayons, Color Pencils, Writing Materials, School Bag and Uniform with Shoe & Socks. Also We preparing activities for our JUJU Kids.

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Admission 2023 - 2024

JUJU gives wings to their creativity, having innovative Amenities & Infrastructures.
A place for progressive learning & Growing.

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Our Best Teachers

Education is the key to victory in life and staff make a lasting impact in the lives of kid. Kindergarten teachers are educators who specialize in teaching young children who are typically between the ages of four and six years old. Kindergarten teachers also play a crucial role in helping children develop social and emotional skills.
The role of a kindergarten teacher is to provide young children with a safe, supportive, and stimulating learning environment. They typically design and implement lesson plans that are age-appropriate and engaging, using a variety of teaching methods and materials to help children learn and develop their skills in areas such as language, math, socialization, and problem-solving.

Parents Says

Very kind with students and a joyful environment practicing montessori education, Bharani mam took extra care of my child, I was able to see lots of improvement in my kids learning. Thanks a lot to the entire staff members of JUJU International Preschool.

Agen Zaphnath

Really great to see the school filled with so many materials. The teaching methods based on the montessori materials were new. The books seem to be a little advanced and the curriculum covered for the KG is in a structured way . juju school can easily make the kids learning easy through various play materials.

Adi Adithya

Excellent pre-school atmosphere for toddlers. Way of teaching is superb. My son enjoys his schooling in Juju Pre-school. Thank you team. Special thanks to teachers. I will recommend this school for budding learners

Bhuvi Krish

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About JUJU

Preschool is an early childhood education program for children between the ages from 2.5 to 5.5 years old. It is typically a play-based learning environment that helps children develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills that are important for success in school and life.