We have a wide range of physical and digital educational resourcesthat encourage students to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future. Our solutions for teaching and hands-on learning inspire interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM)
Targeted at preschool, elementary and middle school. These are based on the LEGO® system for playful learning combined with curriculum-relevant material and digital resources. With educational sets, lesson plans and curriculum material, assessment tools and teacher training and support, we can help you meet your curriculum objectives and provide you with the tools you need to make learning inspiring, engaging and effective. Expanding the knowledge and building academic and 21st century skills will create active, collaborative, lifelong learners. Together with educators, we aim to enable every student to succeed in education and be prepared for future life challenges. Our vision is to see every child actively engaged in the seeing, doing and understanding of science, mathematics and language. Our next generation deserves the opportunity to view language, science and maths-based technologies as relevant, fun and something that every one of us – even the youngest can participate in here and now, and contemplate to as something learned in classroom textbooks. When children appreciate the world scientifically, it turns existence into both a marvel and an opportunity to make something of that marvel. Ultimately this turns LEGO into an innovation hub where both marvel and opportunity flourish, fuelled by an appreciation of hands on learning approach.