We are using the methods by Grolier education activity module for our JUJU Dazzlers, which has the base of Boston USA established in the year 1895. Which is wholly owned subsidiary of scholastic INC. The world largest book publisher and distributer of children books. In Asia they are servicing for about 50 years with international standard which is providing the latest in educational methodologies with good quality and highly effective. We are proud not for the name sake International is not used by our organization at the same time we are offering international standard of education to our lil ones. Let’s have a look on the clusters of the Grolier as follows;


Astonish English

English Learning Solution is bundled with vibrant illustrations, conversations and texts with lots of different topics, project worksheets and much more which makes the learning blissful.

Stunning words

It is a great and innovative method to learn fresh words and stretch your valuable children vocabulary in the standard of international. This consists of;

Champions on Reading


In Juju’s english learning is made fun and easy for our kids as we are engaging them with stories and effective interactive activities such as build Phonics & Words, Comprehension, Fluency and Writing Skills.

Fantabulous Keymatic


Corresponding English

We adopt a thematic learning sequence based on everyday situations and common encounters that focuses on building key language skills such as:

IQ of kids

Kids IQ is a comprehensive stepping to key early learning topics which is packed with over 70 QR codes which is well known as “touch and feel” activities in book to help your children learn through sounds, vibrant pictures, and tactile simulation. Covers numeracy, literacy and sign language using a variety of interactive techniques. Helps develop modes of communication, manual dexterity and self-awareness. Offers access to extra auditory material using QR code technology.

Fun Thinkers

A fun thinker is a platform it has loads of lessons with exciting and effective portions. Kids will also love to learn through playfully like match frame which they can grasp easily. Self checking makes them to get the feedback based on the knowledge they took into mind. Each and every lesson has much more to do with fun filled activities. Matching questions and answers grid add entertainment to their learning.

Story a day

Kids are generally enchanted by storytelling. Bright illustrations bring famous tales to life like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little mermaid etc for day planner by our team which will be really amused for them and make it blissful.

Physical Education

Ultimate Guide on God’s Creation


Visual Arts

At JUJU art is an important part of the curriculum for the children from Pre-nursery to next level of medium. Kids are encouraged to enjoy creative expression. In the Art Room we incorporate elements of Art such as line, tone, texture, form, color and composition in fun exercises that encourage dexterity and organization in the early years. We move on to imaginative compositions using experimental techniques and different methods to develop confidence and risk taking and to see how the old masters and modern artists work. In this level we concentrate on spatial principles, accurate observation drawing and developing painting skills to prepare children for High School. As well as painting and drawing etc all they find in the art room.


At JUJU we take great pride in our performing arts and music plays an integral part in this. From Pre-nursery through to Year 6, children at Phoenix participate in music class every week as well as singing together in our weekly assemblies.
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”