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It has been noticed that the Indian pre-school market has been witnessing rapid growth for the past few years. The rise in disposable income, rising number of working mothers and increasing trend of nuclear families, and escalating demand for high quality pre-school education for toddlers are the reasons. Some of the other reasons for the tremendous growth of this sector during the past few years is not only with the high-end income groups or the affluent class, but is also rapidly gaining popularity among the middle-class households that have the willingness to pay for quality education of their child.

A global curriculum of activity-based learning is something which parents are now seeking premium pre- schools to provide their children a competitive edge early on. With better curriculum, infrastructure and teaching methods, premium pre-schools provide a distinct advantage over branded pre-schools.

Keeping all the factors of the industry growth and trends in mind, this is an ideal time to invest in the pre-school segment. We, JUJU International Preschool, bring our expertise and commitment to the partnerships and offer preschool franchise in India. Our extensive business experience and proven operational system helps you to grow quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

why choose us why JUJU PreSchool


Investment Requirement


Franchise Fee would depend upon the location at the time of agreement.


We give assurance of a successful business venture by being a part of our established group.


Customized package also available (ONLY the curriculum and infrastructure support)


What we Offer
All sort of support to our Business Associate is provided to make the venture profitable at earliest.

If interested in becoming our JUJU International PreSchool, contact us on 9159190100 or mail us at

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